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In connection with our present request for a quotation from your company, we shall process the personal data as provided to us in our systems.
We shall store and process this data for as long as necessary. Your data is processed in our mutual interest in order to establish and extend the business relationship between our companies. Your data will be visible to the staff in our procurement department in particular, as well as to sales and project execution teams, and occasionally to other ANDRITZ GROUP employees as necessary. You are entitled to ask what type of personal data we are processing and why.
In addition, you are entitled to request that any wrong data be corrected or that specific data be permanently deleted or restricted for processing or transfer to third parties, or to formally object to their further processing.
Should you believe that our processing of your data is illegal, you may file a complaint with the competent authority. We shall assume that you have read this clause and agree to this procedure if we do not receive any formal objection thereto in writing.
ImprintInformácia o spracúvaní osobných údajov (Data privacy declaration)
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