I. Invitation to tender contains :

II. Participation in a tender

1 .by clicking on the link generated in the invitation and inserting name and pasword. Name shall not be changed. Pasword is new for each tender.

2.by clicking on the second link generated in the invitation. Entrance without inserting name or pasword.

3. on the website www.andritz.sk/tender-intro.php . Search for your tender and insert name and pasword.

III. Offer quoting

After entering at ender, you can quote your offer.

Enter item price in EUR without VAT into the field „Your offer“ according to demand (€/m, /pcs,/l,/sqm, /pair, etc.)

Always state your price including transport => DDU

Enter potential notes to the item into the field „Conditions“ (e.g. delivery term, alternative, etc.)

If you agree with the conditions demanded, you do not have to enter anything in this field.

After filling in all items you are able to offer, click on „Forward“

You can check your offer here . In case you entered incorrect price or have forgotten to add something, you have the possibility to return to the form by clicking on „Back to form“

If everything is OK, send the offer by clicking on „Send this offer“

NOTE – It is not possible to correct an erroneous offer in case it has already been sent !

After sending the offer, the lowest prices offered shall be shown on the public website www.andritz.sk/tender-intro.php .

It is possible to send an offer several times into one tender .

IV. Tender closing

There is an exact deadline for each tender . Normally it is withing 2 days after tender launch until 1 p.m. (but is is not a rule)

If the tender is marked with the symbol :

In case an offer arrives within last minutes, the system automatically prolongs the tender by 10 minutes

In case there is another offer within the prolonged period of 10minutes, the tender shall be prolonged by another 10 minutes until there is no new offer .

If the tender is marked with the symbol , its deadline will not be changed

After finishing tender deadline, the tender shall be removed from the public website . The best offers shall be evaluated and order sent subsequently. In case the lowest price is convenient (inconvenient term, alternative, etc.), the order shall besent to the second best offer in a row or a new tender shall be announced.

Each item shall be evaluated separately as an independent offer, i.e. several orders can be issued within one tender .

In case the prices are inconvenient, the purchaser is not obliged to send an order .

The supplier is obliged to supply offered products in required amount, price and quality according to General terms and conditions.

V. Disqualification from tender

All suppliers not following General terms and conditions and tender rules shall be disqualified from tenders .

In case of sending wrong prices into a tender, the supplier is obliged to report such mistake immediately .

On the basis of suc h information, the purchaser can

  1. remove the tender, issue new tender and send new invitations

  2. if the tender is close before its deadline, the tender shall be finished and a new tender shall be issued only for the items entered by mistake .

  3. if the tender is close before its deadline, the tender shall be finished and order shall be sent to the second best offer in a row.

Incase the supplier does not announce his offer sent by mistake while the tender is valid, he is obliged to supply such products for the price offered .

Incase of repeatedly sent erroneous offers, this behaviour shall beconsidered as „sabotage“ and the supplier shall be disqualified from future tenders until further notice .

VI. Changes in tenders

Shall the purchaser find out the mentioned defects in tenders, he is entitled to correct them:

  1. wrong amount of products

  2. wrong product description

  3. tender deadline

In such case, the following notice written in capital letters shall be added to tender description „NOTE -CHANGE“ (+ there can also be a description of the particularchange, which has been carried out) and new tender invitations shall be sent.

The supplier is obliged to accept every change .

Changes in product description and amount can only be carried out in case no offer had been sent . In case an offer had already been sent, the tender can be cancelled, wrong items corrected and a new tender can be issued.

By sending an offer to tenders, you agree with the above mentioned rules .